Some of my Favorite Places

I live in The United States of America, and there are so many amazing places to visit here! Some of my personal favorites is bear county, a huge wildlife reserve in South Dakota. They have many natural habitats for animals like mountain goats, otters, bobcats, and, of course, bears! You slowly drive down the path, and the bears are so close that they could climb onto your car! It’s really cool to be able to see them act so naturally right in front of you!


Grizzly Sharon Drummond via Compfight

Another place I love to go to is Long Boat Key, Florida. It’s beautiful beach area with tons of little creatures called coquinas. These little guys are small, hard-shelled mussels that tuck their bodies into really pretty shells. The beaches are so full of them that you can scoop up a handful of sand and millions of coquinas will be digging ¬†through the sand in your palm. Its full of other wild as well, from the swooping seagulls that fly over the beach to the friendly dolphins that leap across the water. The water there is so clear and blue that you can see the fish darting around your feet. Sometimes, they even follow you in search of food. The place is simply amazing, with all of the wildlife around, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone

Watching Washington Oaks Gardens State Park Phil’s 1stPix via Compfight

So these were my favorite places to go to in the U.S, but where are yours? Not from America? Then where do you live? What places do you like to go to? Leave your responses down in the comments!

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