This week, I thought I could blog about some of my favorites. Specifically, my favorite animals. As you know, I ADORE animals of all shapes and sizes, but there are a couple that just make my heartĀ sing! My absolute, all time favorite animals are dogs and snow leopards. I love them so much for very different reasons, but they always have stuck in my mind as my favorites. We all have our favorite animals, so go ahead and comment your favorites and check out last week’s post.

Dogs, in my opinion, are pure balls of sunshine and love that decided to come down from heaven. Seriously though, dogs areĀ the best thing to happen to the human race. They are used in so many ways, from hunting down drugs to just cuddling in bed. They are sweet, loving, and will adore you if they are raised right. There are also many, many breeds, so there are many types you can love. Each different breed has different qualities that make them special. You want a gorgeous, intelligent dog that can win awards? How about a purebred poodle? Rather have a cuddly, squishy dog that loves to sleep with you? Why not adopt a English bulldog? Trust me, adopt a dog, and your life will get SO MUCH BETTER.

Casey in Autumn-9.jpg Elektra Tig via Compfight

Snow leopards are easily my favorite big cat. They are secretive, mysterious cats that live in the frigid mountains. They have long, fluffy fur with and big tail, pale green eyes, and sharp fanged teeth. They are excellent predators, and can jump as far as 50 ft in the air. They often eat the blue Tibetan mountain sheep, and often kill prey by leaping from high peaks onto sheep with either a skull-crushing bite or cut to the throat. They are endangered because of their beautiful fur coats, since they are illegally poached. Luckily, they are raising awareness to help protect these stunning cats, and hopefully the species population will rise again.

Community Appreciation

As we all know, your community is really important, and regardless of where you live, they are part of countless activities that make wherever you live a better place. For example, Cubs scouts is a really big activity in my area. It teaches kids, like my little brother, facts about nature or how to build birdhouses. They get to go on cool trips and nature walks and learn teamwork and other skills they need later in life. The community has to work together to organize all of the trips and raise money for supplies. They have to plan out the meetings and supervise the scouts. They work hard to make sure it’s fun and exciting for the kids in it, and I think they do a fantastic job, especially considering how much my brother loves it!


Now, Cubs scouts is mainly a more neighborhood type of community project. School communities are also very important. My school offers TONS of after school clubs and teams. For example, there’s Academic team, Art club, Drama and theater, and the list could go pretty much on forever. Countless clubs aside, our school has really good clubs for the arts. I’m in art club, and I absolutely love it. We get to share our passions for art with others and make friends with those who also love it. We get about 2 hours after school every other Tuesday and we get to draw whatever we want. Not only do we get to do that, we also get the chance to give back to the school. We get to paint giant murals on school walls and draw backgrounds and props for the school play. This way, we can give back to the school, share our talents with other students, and intermingle with other clubs. Art club is my favorite part of the day, and I’m really glad the community put it in.

My main purpose of this post was to help show how important your community really is. Whether it be school or neighborhood, or another community of your own, they are special and dedicated to making the world a better place. Make sure to help contribute!